Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas

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AgroBioHeat seeks new icebreaker agrobiomass consumption initiatives to provide them with support

From October 2019 to January 2020, the project AgroBioHeat opens the call in several countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Romania, Spain and Ukraine) to support new icebreaker initiatives for the consumption of agrobiomass (agricultural or agroindustrial biomass residues, or energy crops) for heat generation in small facilities (<1 MW thermal). The key is that the installation is efficient, that the technology generates low local emissions, and that it can be replicable. Those interested should contact the partners of the project in their country to describe their initiative and register their interest.

The support that AgroBioHeat will provide is intended to help new initiatives to move towards a successful implementation. AgroBioHeat is looking for rural city councils, agroindustries, farms or companies in the rural areas determined to take a new step: the use of straw, pruning, olive stones, or energy crops for heat generation (heating, sanitary water, heat or process steam).

What kind of initiative can be considered an icebreaker?

The profile of the initiative must meet the following requirements:

  • Use of locally generated agrobiomass
  • Modern, automated installation, with proven technologies in using agrobiomass efficiently and with low emissions
  • Singularity (not being a common type of installation), and replicability (not being usual, having high possibilities for replication)
  • Social acceptance: the local community shall play a role (eg in biomass supply or in its social viability)

Who can apply to this call?

Some examples are: a rural city council that wants to install a heat network, or a boiler in municipal offices; an energy services company (ESCO) with potential customers who have doubts in choosing agricultural biomass instead of usual woodchips or pellets; or an owner of a farm, a cooperative or agroindustry that intends to consume its own by-products, but has not a clear idea from where to start to make it real.

An entrepreneurial and active profile is always sought, a pioneering initiative with one or several actors involved with a clear vision, but who need some support to guide their steps to get its initiative realised.

What does AgroBioHeat offer?

There are many occasions when the use of agrobiomass in a local zone does not end up occurring for reasons that go beyond the economic: distrust of the operation of boilers with agrobiomass, absence of reliable installers, difficulties in agreeing the supply of the agrobiomass, or certain sketicism or rejection from part of the community or the final users.

AgroBioHeat partners  treasure a vision and experience that will be placed at the service of several selected initiatives in your country. AgroBioHeat  will provide insight on how to providing the vision on how to focus it and how to establish and secure the supply, support aligning the actors, knowing advantageous financing methods, contacting suppliers or boiler manufacturers, and working with the local community to facilitate the acceptation and support necessary to make it socially viable.

How to contact?

Please visit the following pages to find out more information on the campaign launched in each of the targeted project countries:

For general information, please contact the Project Coordinator, Manolis Karampinis (CERTH) or the Task Leader, Daniel Garcia (CIRCE).

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