Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas

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2nd Edition of virtual event “Bringing Value to Agrobiomass”

Webinar: October 27, 2021 Matchmaking Event: November 3-4, 2021 This is the second edition of the international virtual matchmaking event Bringing VALUE to AGROBIOMASS that has introduces actors interested in smart utilization of bio-resources from agroculture and food production to each other to start collaborations, sell or buy products, or exchange knowledge. Our focus is on all beneficial uses of

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AgroBioheat participates in the EU Green Week 2021

The project AgroBioheat will be present in the EU Green Week 2021 in the event entitled “Greening energy in rural areas through the valorisation of agricultural residues” organised by the partner of the consortium Bioenergy Europe on 11th June. The webinar will consist of the introduction of the project coordinator Manolis Karampinis, a keynote speech of the MEP Clara Eugenia Aguilera

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Combustion of solid biofuels from olive tree prunings

Main interest of an Integrated Biomass Logistic Centre (IBLC) in the olive sector is the exploitation of olive prunings. Olive prunings are treated as agricultural residues and mostly burned in open fires or less frequently mulched into soil. However, they can be exploited in various ways and offer added value. One main exploitation method of harvested olive tree prunings (OTP)

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AgroBioHeat seeks new icebreaker agrobiomass consumption initiatives to provide them with support

From October 2019 to January 2020, the project AgroBioHeat opens the call in several countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Romania, Spain and Ukraine) to support new icebreaker initiatives for the consumption of agrobiomass (agricultural or agroindustrial biomass residues, or energy crops) for heat generation in small facilities (<1 MW thermal). The key is that the installation is efficient, that the technology

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AgroBioHeat: 2nd project meeting in Zagreb

The second project meeting of the AgroBioHeat project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, was held last week (3 – 5 July 2019) in Zagreb, hosted by the Green Energy Cooperative – ZEZ. The overall aim of the project is to promote heating solutions on agrobiomass in rural areas of Europe. “The AgroBioHeat project aims to transform the rural heating

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AgroBioHeat – a new Horizon 2020 project for promoting heating solutions based on agrobiomass in Europe

Substitution of fossil fuels with agrobiomass can be a very promising option for the decarbonisation of the heating sector, especially in rural areas. AgroBioHeat is a new EU project funded through Horizon 2020 that aims to provide a comprehensive platform for overcoming barriers and support the market uptake of agrobiomass heating. Background The heating sector is often overlooked in the

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