Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas

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The AREA ZERO (Alliance for Renewable Energy in Agriculture and Zero Fossil Energy) was formed as a Cluster of six H2020 projects (TheGreefa, AgroFossilFree, HyperFarm, RES4LIVE, RENAISSANCE and AgroBioHeat) that aim to establish collaboration and promote the developed technology solutions to potential stakeholder/end-users in a common way regarding the decarbonization of energy consumption in the agricultural sector. In June 2021, AgroBioHeat joined AREA ZERO.

AgroFossilFree project aims to create a framework under which critical stakeholders will cooperate to evaluate and promote currently available FEFTS in EU agriculture to diminish in the short term and eliminate in the long run fossil fuels use in any farming process from cradle to farm gate, while maintaining yield and quality of the end-product.

HyperFarm is an Innovation Action (IA) project which aims to demonstrate combined agrovoltaic systems, with dual land use for crop production and simultaneous power production. HyperFarm joins multiple types of actors with the objective to optimize viable agrivoltaic business models as well as test the marketability of the products, via inclusion of new innovative photovoltaic technologies, radically new crop production systems, stakeholder innovation workshops, and citizen-consumer acceptance, public perception analysis and farmer adoption studies. HyPErFarm also develops and demonstrates new ways of utilizing and distributing the energy produced on-farm.

RENAISSANCE project is an Innovation Action (IA) whose aim is to deliver a community-driven scalable and replicable approach, to implement new business models and technologies supporting clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communities.

RES4LIVE is an Innovation Action (IA) project dealing with the adaptation of RES technologies and machinery and their demonstration at a large-scale on farm level that require supporting measures with respect to spatial planning, infrastructure, different business models and market organisation, trends that are not all under control from a farmer’s perspective.

TheGreefa project is aimed at a new technology for heating, cooling, air humidity control and water recovery in greenhouses as well as for drying of agricultural goods using thermo-chemical conversion principles based on the use of salt solutions (thermochemical fluids).

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