Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas

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     | CERTH

CERTH is one of the leading research centres in Greece. Among its areas of expertise, activities in renewable energy sources, solid biofuels production and utilization, energy saving and environmental protection are included.



AVEBIOM is the Spanish Bioenergy Association which represents all the companies of the whole supply chain of the bioenergy in Spain.


  | BIOS

BIOS is a R&D and engineering company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of energetic biomass utilisation.




Bioenergy Europe (formerly known as AEBIOM) is the voice of European bioenergy. It aims to develop a sustainable bioenergy market based on fair business conditions.


   | Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is the national Danish cluster for food and bioresources. We promote increased cooperation between research and business and offer our members one-stop-shop access to networks, funding, business development, projects, facilities and offer various consultancy services.



Technology Centre funded in1993, seeking to provide innovative solutions in the field of energy for a sustainable development.



PASEGES is a civil non profit organisation, established in 2005 in Athens by the Panhellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (PASEGES).


 | ZEZ

The Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) was established in 2013 as part of the project “Development of Energy Cooperatives in Croatia” implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Croatia.



The Cluster’s main purpose is to develop the bioenergy sector in Romania and raising the interest towards the production and utilization of the biomass.



UABIO was established in 2013 as a public organisation. The purpose of the Association’s activity is to create a common platform for cooperation on the bioenergy market of Ukraine



AILE is working on renewable energies and energy savings in agricultural and rural areas of Western France.



White Research is a social research and consulting enterprise specialising in consumer behaviour, market analysis and innovation management



Agronergy is an ESP (Energy Service Provider) dedicated to Renewable Heating.

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