Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas

By - karampinis

Press release: the 2nd edition of the virtual matchmaking event “Bringing Value to Agrobiomass” hosted not only 145 meetings but also a well-attended webinar. The feedback calls for a third edition in 2022.

The first online “Bringing Value to Agrobiomass” matchmaking event brought value to international connections and established cooperations. Therefore, AgroBioHeat decided to follow up on the February event, and to promote and share more knowledge of how you can bring value to agrobiomass, a webinar was organised. The event did not only focus on heating, but on all beneficial uses of agrobiomass and side streams from food production in a circular bioeconomy.

The expansion of the event was a great success, as 90+ attended the fully packed webinar on October 27. A week later, 199 companies, technology providers, scientists, clusters, and biomass organisations from 40 different countries met online for 145 one-to-one meetings. The EU-funded project AgroBioHeat, together with Enterprise Europe Network and several other EU and national projects, organised the three-day event.

On November 3-4, the online matchmaking platform was again buzzling with activities, as the participants met online to display their technology, express their technological or material needs, or brought attention to their excess biomass resources to find cooperation partners to help utilise them. The aim was to facilitate cooperation on sustainable utilisation of biomass from agriculture and side streams from food production. A true match to meet potential cooperation partners.

The feedback from the second edition shows that there were less meetings than the 1st edition, but 45% said that there was an increase in the number of meetings leading to a cooperation and a considerable increase in the number of meetings that proved to be very interesting. And 84% said that the event met their expectations. 85 % said the webinar was excellent or good and the feedback gave new themes for the possible new webinars. All in all, very satisfying feedback and with 90 % stating they would participate in a third edition in the 2022, the project partners have decided that a third edition will take place in the Spring of 2022.

Using new and cost-effective biomass feedstocks is an important part of our company’s progress towards decarbonization. In this sense, Bringing Value to Agrobiomass is really helpful, since it enables us to identify and connect with potential suppliers of sustainable biomass feedstock.

– Michael Tsoukatos, Head of Procurement, Grecian Magnesite.

Our participation in the first virtual biomass event in February was very successful with the many engaging and fruitful one-to-one meetings, which have led to business cooperation with three companies. Therefore, we were very pleased to participate in the second edition of the virtual biomass event and with the addition of a webinar, the event showcased interesting business cases and gave added value. At the moment we are following up on our meetings from the second edition and it looks promising.

Ion Bautista, Sales Manager, FLSmidth A/S

Again, the Bringing Value to Agrobiomass matchmaking event has proven to cover the demands and expectations of several actors in the bioenergy and the wider bioeconomy sector: from researchers and consultants, to biomass producers and traders, to final end-users for the production of bioenergy and various bio-based products. The online format allows us to transcend limitations in physical events and facilitate connections from all corners of Europe – in fact, from all over the world. The webinar was also a very good addition in the overall programme, since it allows us to share inspirational, successful cases of companies that are indeed doing what the event is all about – they bring value to agrobiomass.

– Manolis Karampinis, Research Associate Centre for Research and Technology Hellas & AgroBioHeat project coordinator

The AgroBioHeat project organised the free, virtual webinar and matchmaking event Bringing Value to Agrobiomass – 2nd edition – on October 27th and  November 3rd -4th , 2021. To download the presentations of the Webinar, please click here.

Following the success of the last event, the AgroBioHeat project partners have started planning for a 3rd edition of “Bringing Value to Agrobiomass” for the first half of 2022.

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